Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Born pretty haul

I received my package from born pretty today, I ordered a few bits from their eBay store. The first thing on my list were a set of brushes. I got 15 for £3.39. There are some nice brushes in there as well as a dotting tool. I'm not too sure how or what the fan brushes are used for. 

I ordered some striping tape to neaten up lines when doing nail art. Got a roll in silver.

I decided to buy some nail studs, gold circle ones and small square gold ones but they look silver to me. The square ones are very small and I think I would buy bigger ones next time. They do come in different sizes which is nice if the big ones seem a bit intimidating. 

Finally, I couldn't resist getting this disc of small gold and silver balls. I might have to attempt caviar nails with them. 

The items were really reasonable priced with most of the items costing a couple of pounds. There is so much choice in their store, I had to really control myself, but I know I will probably be back for more! 

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