Monday, 3 September 2012

Bundle Monster stamping plates

I bought some bundle monster stamping plates last week from amazon. The Konad plates seemed a little expensive on eBay and I wanted something just to get me started with a variety of designs. I got 25 plates in total which provided me with lots of designs ranging from little Halloween pumpkins to leopard print. I've been doing some experimenting with my current polishes to see what polishes work for stamping. I have also been having a little trouble with the scraper.

So my first attempt I used the BM212 plate with the peacock looking design. I used Rimmel 700 Block Your Green as a base coat and Barry M gold foil effects which stamps really well.

I then added dots using Rimmel 702 Marshmallow Heaven and No7 Poolside blue. I think it would have looked better using a darker purple. 

Picture of nail polishes I used:


  1. I LOVE THESE!! I have this plate, but I have no good stamping polishes - might need to invest in some konad polish!!

    1. Thank you :) I don't have any Konad polishes yet either, but the Barry M gold foil stamps really well, think I need to go out and get the other colours too!