Saturday, 22 September 2012

Kiko Haul

Apologies for the absence, I went home to visit family in London for a few days and got busy. While I was there I finally managed to visit the Westfield in Stratford and popped into a few shops. I was most excited about visiting the Kiko store, I think I went a little crazy in there, but at £1.50 a bottle who could blame me? They have been running the promotion for a while, with some of the other cosmetics reduced too. I got 8 bottles from the range and I also got two from the Lavish Oriental limited edition collection. The limited edition ones are all holographic and come in four colours and are priced at £4.90.

From left to right:
401-Peacock green
400-Steel grey
371-Gold rosy brown
355-Canary yellow
337-Periwinkle Violet
375-Bois de Rose
214-Pearly white
348-Camouflage green
324-Dark chocolate 

I really had to control myself from not buying more, although if I decide I need some more colours I might ask my little sister really nice (or just raid her stash like I usually do). I haven't got around to swatching all the colours yet, not sure which ones to do yet. I do have pictures of the peacock green holographic, although the pictures do not really do it much justice. It is a very sparkly and has a great holo (-ness? I am not quite sure what the word is). For some reason in the first two pictures which were taken in indoor lighting the blue/green doesn't really show through but you can kind of see the holographic effect. You can see the colour a little better of the pictures taken in natural outdoor light.

Which colours do you think I should swatch next? 


  1. Looks awesome, I've just got 5 more kiko's in a swap, and i'm dying to try them :D