Saturday, 29 September 2012

Nail narcotics Giveaway Challenge!

Hi all! This is my first attempt at any sort of challenge in the blogosphere, so I was quite excited. The challenge can be found here so be sure to check out the other entries as well as the prize that is up for grabs! The theme for the challenge is food!!!! Yay! I love food and so then found it really difficult to choose what food should be on my nails! Eventually I thought I would attempt some free hand nail art of my favourite junk food.

Ok so my fingers look upside down here, I just find it easier to paint that way but the second picture you can see them the right way round :)

From my pinky finger to thumb I have painted: a pretzel, a cupcake, some fries, a burger and a can of coke. Mmmm lots of calories there and not so healthy, maybe we should encourage nail narcotics' husband to blog some recipes ;) 

I hope you enjoyed my entry and I look forward to taking part in a few more challenges in the future.

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