Sunday, 16 September 2012

PS3 nails

My last few posts have been quite short, so I thought I should put a bit more effort into this one. Firstly I have been seeing swatches of the new Barry M Gelly nail polishes about and they look so nice! Check out Allie's blog for swatches - link here I can't really decide on a favourite but maybe the blue or purple, really looking forward to getting a bottle or two! 

So onto the nails, as you may have gathered from my blog name, I'm a bit of a gamer possibly a little bit addicted but I find painting my nails and playing work really well together. I can paint my nails and while waiting for them to dry between coats I play a game of demolition on MW3, that way I'm not getting impatient or end up with a gloopy mess. I think I might do a call of duty nail art mani soon but apart from a gun and grenade I can't think of what else I could paint, any ideas? 

These are my ps3 nails with my lovely blue controller (blue is my favourite colour plus it makes a nice change from the boring black ones). 

Any other fellow ps3 gamers out there? Drop me your psn username in the comments and I'll add you :) 


  1. I'm not a gamer but love these nails!

  2. Super cute!! I'm not into gaming so much right now, but I ave dabbled (LOL). The hubby's the gamer, he's debating getting the new NHL game that's out.

    1. Aw, hockey isn't so big here so don't really know much about that game. I saw the new tekken game today but it was rather expensive and decided to spend money on polish instead :)