Sunday, 2 September 2012

Random nail art

Here are some of my previous attempts at nail art before starting my blog so please excuse the low quality of pictures.

 This was one of my first attempts at a gradient using the sponging method, I am not really a big fan of pink so this isn't a mani I would be repeating.

The next one I really wanted something teal and gold but I was lacking imagination. This mani kind of reminds me of a super hero cape.

The next two are the same sort of pattern which although can be time consuming I enjoy doing especially when I can't decide which colour I want to use. The red  reminds me of a stained glass window.

I was determined to try gradient again and I discovered nailasaurus' method of gradient (link here). This picture really does it no justice, I used a beige nude and peach nude and it looked really pretty, it is one of my favourite combinations to do.

 And finally this is my attempt at ombre nails with a reverse moon mani. I used a pink polish with varying amounts of black and white to darken and lighten accordingly. I really like the reverse half moon but I think I need a bit more practise on this one or maybe some of those sticker guides but due to how impatient I am I can never wait for drying time and eagerly peel off the sticker too early!

 Well I hope you enjoyed reading this post and would appreciate any feedback :)


  1. You are so right about that beige gradient mani, it looks so understated and beautiful! On the color blocking one: Did you do the colors first and then the white line over them? Did you use tape? I'm also a new blog! :)

    1. Thanks :) for the colour blocking I first outlined the pattern with white then filled it with colour then went over it after to neaten it up. It was free hand, I have ordered some striping tape though because I can't manage to cut regular tape thin enough. Great I'll be following your blog x

  2. I really like the mosaic pattern)))