Thursday, 6 September 2012


So I had to try out something from my nail package yesterday so I decided studs. I was inspired by nailasaurus' mani Here, she has such fun ideas and her designs always look so sharp and creative. Also the quality of her pictures are great and you can really tell how neat and professional she really is.
 I used my small silver square studs and was trying to come up with a good colour combo, I'm not really a big fan of bright colours but I didn't want to to go too dark all over either. I finally decided I wanted a light grey but the only grey I had is quite dark, it's 17 smoke signal. I decided to make my own by adding some of the smoke signal to white. For the other side I used 17 midnight sapphire. I used some clear polish where the colours meet and while it was still wet and tacky placed the studs. They weren't as meticulously straight as I would like but I didn't want to risk smudging the polish to fiddle with them too much. I then finished with top coat. 

I really like this mani and quite like the feel of the studs, I thought they would get in the way or get caught in clothes but so far so good. :) 

In natural light:

Indoor light:


  1. I've never tried studs, always worry they would catch and annoy the hell out of me

    1. These have been pretty good although a couple have come off from the top.