Monday, 29 October 2012

Stripey drag mani

I had a hard time trying to name this mani. I basically painted stripes and then quickly while the polish was wet I used a needle to drag the colours into each other. Please excuse the bad lighting, the weather was miserable when taking these shots. My sister thinks it looks like a wooly jumper, not sure what do you guys think? I quite liked the overall effect although I did find it a bit tricky painting the stripes of colour quickly so that I could drag the needed while it was still wet. Thankfully the stripes didn't have to be too neat anyway. 

I came back home to London this weekend, which meant I could drag my lovely generous sister out shopping. We wanted to check out TK Maxx to see if we could get any Essie polishes, unfortunately our local one only had a couple of reds. We did however find some nice nails inc and models own. The models own was reduced to £4 for 3, bargain! 


  1. Wow!! Great drag mani (I really should try this technique) and an even more amazing haul!

  2. So cool, a less messy and hard water marble!!