Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Call of Duty Black Ops 2

As you may have gathered I am a gamer girl and you can usually find me playing one of the call of duty games, which also obviously inspired my blog name. With the release of the new black ops yesterday, I thought it only right to do a mani to mark the occasion. I painted it all free hand, and I have just realised how difficult painting a circle is! 

Again apologies for the short post and lack of posts recently, once I get all the gaming out of my system I will be back with regular updates again  :)


  1. Ooh well done! You picked the perfect colors for Black Ops :)

  2. If you're having half the problems that the other half and his clan are you'll be back sooner. Are you getting all the glitching?

    1. Ahh yeah I am but it's always the case when a new game comes out and in the mean time I can play the campaign mode :)