Monday, 14 January 2013

Blue and Purple Eggs

I was about to chop my nails so I thought I would try a different shape, I am not quite sure what you would call this shape, they aren't quite oval and the final look reminded me of eggs?!! Dinosaur eggs to be particular, this is the description I give to a lot of nails when they don't look quite right to me, especially when I have used the crackle polishes. Not a big fan of crackle polishes, I think I only own the one bottle and that is only because it came free as part of a Barry M deal. Also you get to see my left hand for a change, the shape of the nails on my right were, well worse!

Anyway onto the nails, I had a glitter from Claire's Accessories that I hadn't used yet, it is light purple hexagon glitter with blue micro glitter. Not knowing what base colour to use I opted for a gradient of the two colours. You can't really see the blue micro glitter in these pictures, as I said in my previous post I need a better camera so I can take better pictures of the nails up close.

Not a big fan of the final look of these nails, but I thought I would share for some feedback :)

Elegant Silver and White

I really liked the final look of these nails, I think they look rather elegant but they kind of make me think wedding nails, what do you think? I used a base colour of white then went over the white with a sheer pearly  white colour from Kiko, then finally stamped with silver using BM-314. It is one of my favourite images from that collection and can see myself using it again (perhaps gold and black, one of my fav combos).

I don't know what happened to clean up on the thumb, I need to go for an eye test, I probably need new glasses. Also I am convinced now that I need a better camera (hint hint to my sister, next time I see you your camera may go missing :) ) 

Still here!

Please excuse my lack of posting recently, I got busy over the Christmas period then started a new job in the new year, before I knew it I was out of the habit of regularly updating. Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things again. I've had a few photos stored in the bank so should keep me going as soon as my nails regrow again.

Onto the nails! I did these a few months ago but think it only right to post them now, as the snow started falling here in the U.K yesterday. They are a aqua green and white gradient with silver snowflakes stamped on top.  I recently got gifted the new(ish)/latest bundle monster plates along with some dotting tools and glass files :)

I like the wintry feel to these nails but not actually enjoying the cold weather :( 
My nails are quite short here, I have recently been having a problem with breaking nails, anyone have any good tips or product recommendations?