Monday, 14 January 2013

Blue and Purple Eggs

I was about to chop my nails so I thought I would try a different shape, I am not quite sure what you would call this shape, they aren't quite oval and the final look reminded me of eggs?!! Dinosaur eggs to be particular, this is the description I give to a lot of nails when they don't look quite right to me, especially when I have used the crackle polishes. Not a big fan of crackle polishes, I think I only own the one bottle and that is only because it came free as part of a Barry M deal. Also you get to see my left hand for a change, the shape of the nails on my right were, well worse!

Anyway onto the nails, I had a glitter from Claire's Accessories that I hadn't used yet, it is light purple hexagon glitter with blue micro glitter. Not knowing what base colour to use I opted for a gradient of the two colours. You can't really see the blue micro glitter in these pictures, as I said in my previous post I need a better camera so I can take better pictures of the nails up close.

Not a big fan of the final look of these nails, but I thought I would share for some feedback :)


  1. Nice mani!:)

    Greetings from Finland!

  2. I was too curious to check your blog because of its name: my hubby has all the COD games, and I used to play too.
    This gradient is soooo nice, mine are always a crap...
    I'm a new follower, I hope you'll visit my blog and find it interesting too :)

    Alice in WonderNails
    Alice on Facebook

  3. omg i looove this! i like the glitter! the best thing about this s your nail shape, its perfectly 'egg' shaped :D

  4. this is absolutely fabulous,i adore it. i was sold to your blog when i saw this. your gradient thecnique is great and i love the colors you've matched (I picked two similar shades a few days ago when i did a similar mani, since they remind me of cold and nice winter) and the top coat you picked is unique.