Monday, 14 January 2013

Elegant Silver and White

I really liked the final look of these nails, I think they look rather elegant but they kind of make me think wedding nails, what do you think? I used a base colour of white then went over the white with a sheer pearly  white colour from Kiko, then finally stamped with silver using BM-314. It is one of my favourite images from that collection and can see myself using it again (perhaps gold and black, one of my fav combos).

I don't know what happened to clean up on the thumb, I need to go for an eye test, I probably need new glasses. Also I am convinced now that I need a better camera (hint hint to my sister, next time I see you your camera may go missing :) ) 


  1. this would be a perfect look for a wedding!

  2. i agree with galorious, and i also think that this is the kind of elegance i like: not too snobbish and with a hint of simplicity, playfulness and romanticism, something a bit hippy. this mani is adorable, though i am not a fan of stamping at all.